Happy Birthday to the Twins

Beyoncé’s Dad Confirms Twins Arrival


Beyonce’s dad weighed in on the birth of his twin grandkids six days after the infants weighed in.

Mathew Knowles took to social media Sunday with a digital birthday card to Beyonce’s new baby boy and girl with a tag that said … “They’re here!” The card read …”Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.” He also threw in hashtags like #beyonce #jayz #twins #birthday and #happybirthday.

The twins reportedly were born Monday but have remained in the hospital because of a “minor issue.” We as yet do not know the nature of the issue, and doctors do not feel comfortable releasing them.

Beyonce has also remained in the hospital with her newborns and all are doing fine.

If balloons are any indication, the newborns could be boy and a girl. An unidentified woman was pictured delivering a balloon and floral gift on Sunday morning which appeared to give the game away with a pink and blue balloon, with one reading: ‘It’s a boy’ and the other reading: ‘It’s a girl.’  The accompanying envelope reportedly read: ‘To B & J’ on the front which appears to be confirmation… but we have to admit that gift could have been sent by an over-zealous fan.

Flour bouquet with boy and girl balloons

One of each? This telling balloon and floral gift was delivered to the hospital on Sunday with a card which read: ‘To B and J’ following speculation the couple had a boy and a girl.


What a wonderful Father’s Day gift! Our best wishes to Beyoncé and Jay Z on their new arrivals!

SOURCE: Daily Mail