Prince Night with the Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins Go Purple For “Prince Night” Ahead of “Purple Rain” Reissue June 23rd

Friday night (June 16) the Minnesota Twins played a home game against the Cleveland Indians. (The Indians won.) While it was all about baseball, it was also “Prince Night”—a tribute to the late hometown icon.

Ecstatic fans scarfed up 10,000 custom umbrellas from the Minnesota Twins that featured the iconic Purple Rain portrait of Prince on the inside. The top is purple, naturally, and features both the Prince symbol and the Twins logo.

Prince music played throughout the game, fireworks went off to the sound of Prince’s “Uptown” as the game ended, and the team wore special Prince shirts at practice. Prince’s family were there for the festivities, as well.

 You know how to do it right, Twins. Way to go!
SOURCE:  Pitchfork