SUMMERTIME! What Should Make The “2017 Songs Of Summer” Playlist?

Today marks the official start of summer! That means we can start thinking about what will be the best and biggest songs to blast poolside as things heat up. What should make the 2017’s Song of the Summer Playlist?

Last summer it was Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ “This is What You Came For” and Desiigner’s “Panda,” so this summer? Step right on up.

Below are our early prediction for the summer hits that will be virtually inescapable this summer, so prepare to hear them blasted from car radios, on dance floors, or at bars and BBQs in the sunny weeks to come.

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1. “Slide” – Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos
2. “Malibu” – Miley Cyrus
3. “Carolina” – Harry Styles
4. “Bon Appetit” – Katy Perry feat. Migos
5. “Nights With You” – MØ
6. “You Don’t Know About Me” – Ella Vos
7. “Want You Back” – HAIM
8. “Gwam” – Rostam
9. “Three Rings” – Grizzly Bear
10. “The Cure” – Lady Gaga
11. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar
12. “Passionfruit” – Drake
13. “One Night” – Mura Masa feat. Charli XCX
14. “Mask Off” – Future
15. “It Ain’t Me” – Kygo feat. Selena Gomez
16. “Dab of Ranch” – Migos feat. DJ Durel
17. “Alaska” – Maggie Rogers
18. “Breathe” – Astrid S
19. “No Frauds” – Nicki Minaj feat. Drake and Lil Wayne
20. “Nobody Else But You” – Trey Songz
21. “It’s a Vibe” – 2Chainz feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, and Jhene Aiko
22. “Green Light” – Lorde
23. “Die Young” – Sylvan Esso
24. “Too Much Too Late” – Sabrina Claudio
25. “Nothing, Not Nearly” – Laura Marling
26. “Stay” – Zedd feat. Alessia Cara
27. “I Think of You” – Jeremih feat. Big Sean and Chris Brown
28. “For You” – LÉON
29. “Chanel” – Frank Ocean
30. “I Feel It Coming” – The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk

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Sneak Peek: Calvin Harris – ‘Feels’ (ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean)

While we all eagerly await the arrival of ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ by Calvin Harris later this month, the man brings all of the funk with the album’s next teaser.

It’s called ‘Feels’ and once again it features an all-star cast of guest collaborators including the one-and-only Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean, together delivering such an infectious track full of feel-good grooves, uplifting disco-flavoured beats and so much funk that you can’t help going back for more.

Source: AcidStag

Prince in Purple Rain

Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue June 23rd To Include Previously Unheard Songs

Few creative projects in pop-culture history succeeded on more levels than Prince’s 1984 masterwork, Purple Rain. In one elaborate, calculated stroke, it spawned a hit album, a hit movie and a 100-date concert tour, not to mention global superstardom, a sound, a look, a scene and a new meaning for the color purple.

Prince’s untimely death inadvertently allows for the release of music from his storied vault, which contains thousands of unreleased recordings. This peerlessly prolific artist was such a control freak — and so fiercely determined to obtain the optimal value for his music — that even as his contemporaries cashed in on their work by issuing boxed sets containing virtually every stray note they’d ever recorded, he locked most of his creations away, earning nothing and leaving them unheard by few except him, until he could release them on his own terms. In 2014, he signed a much-ballyhooed new deal with Warner Bros. (the label that nurtured his career and that he later accused of making him a “slave”) granting him the rights to much of his 19-year catalog with the company. Yet this 30th anniversary deluxe edition — due on June 23, available in single, double and four-disc incarnations, and which he oversaw before his death — is only now seeing the light of day.

The remastering of the original album has brightened up the sound and put tighter definition on a few previously obscured elements, but otherwise Prince was smart enough not to mess with a good thing. Similarly, the rarities/remixes disc collects all of the album’s singles, including two B-sides that are as good as virtually anything on the album: the pulsing psychedelic lilt “17 Days” and especially the seven-minute version of the funk masterpiece “Erotic City,” a duet with Sheila E. that was a radio hit even though it wasn’t on an album at the time. Other highlights include the “extended dance remix” of “Let’s Go Crazy” (which is essentially the 7-minute version of the song that opens the film, complete with the piano solo played by Prince with his foot), and a 10-minute version of “I Would Die 4 U,” recorded during a rehearsal for the “Purple Rain” tour in November 1984, with lots of vamping and a guest spot from Sheila E. and members of her band.

The previously unreleased material — which dates from 1983 and ’84 — is a mixed but satisfying bag. Just two songs were actually in the running for the original album: “Electric Intercourse” and “Father’s Song.” The former is an aching synth-driven falsetto ballad similar but inferior to “The Beautiful Ones” (which reportedly bumped it from the album) that is weighed down here by a cluttered arrangement; the live version circulating on bootleg is better. The latter is a lovely piano-driven instrumental that will be instantly familiar to fans: Co-written by Prince with his father, John L. Nelson, its melody is featured in the middle section of “Computer Blue,” and it’s the song Prince plays in the film after he discovers his cinema father’s hidden trove of sheet music.

Another highlight is “Possessed,” purportedly written by Prince after he attended a James Brown concert, which is more psychedelic than the funked-up version on the live DVD here. Another long-circulating item is the musical-esque medley Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden,” the first half of which is sung by Revolution keyboardist Lisa Coleman and dates from the sessions for “Around the World in a Day,” the flawed and intentionally polarizing 1985 album that followed “Purple Rain.” Elsewhere are 10-minute-plus workouts on songs like “We Can F—” (drastically different from the version released on 1990’s “Graffiti Bridge”),“The Dance Electric,” “Love and Sex,” and the unedited “Computer Blue,” and three relatively lightweight songs that sound like demos: “Velvet Kitty Cat” and “Katrina’s Paper Dolls” both come and go quickly, and “Wonderful Ass” is a catchy, bouncy duet with Wendy and Lisa that’s about as deep as its title suggests. (For more details, hit the definitive fan site, PrinceVault.)

The Must-Get new Purple Rain reissue drops on June 23 and will come in two forms: Deluxe and a Deluxe – Expanded Edition. NPG Records and Warner Bros. have unveiled the track lists for both sets, which is set for release:


Purple Rain Deluxe Track List

Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

1. “Let’s Go Crazy”
2. “Take Me With U”
3. “The Beautiful Ones”
4. “Computer Blue”
5. “Darling Nikki”
6. “When Doves Cry”
7. “I Would Die 4 U”
8. “Baby I’m a Star”
9. “Purple Rain”

Disc Two: From The Vault & Previously Unreleased

1. “The Dance Electric”
2. “Love and Sex”
3. “Computer Blue” (“Hallway Speech” version)
4. “Electric Intercourse” (studio)
5. “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden”
6. “Possessed” (1983 version)
7. “Wonderful Ass”
8. “Velvet Kitty Cat”
9. “Katrina’s Paper Dolls”
10. “We Can Fuck”
11. “Father’s Song”


Purple Rain Deluxe ­– Expanded Edition Track List (includes Deluxe discs listed above)

Disc Three: Single Edits & B-Sides

1. “When Doves Cry” (edit)
2. “17 Days”
3. “Let’s Go Crazy” (edit)
4. “Let’s Go Crazy” (Special Dance Mix)
5. “Erotic City”
6. “Erotic City” (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”)
7. “Purple Rain” (edit)
8. “God”
9. “God” (Love Theme From Purple Rain)
10. “Another Lonely Christmas”
11. “Another Lonely Christmas” (extended version)
12. “I Would Die 4 U” (edit)
13. “I Would Die 4 U” (extended version)
14. “Baby I’m a Star” (edit)
15. “Take Me With U” (edit)

DVD: Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985

1. “Let’s Go Crazy”
2. “Delirious”
3. “1999”
4. “Little Red Corvette”
5. “Take Me With U”
6. “Do Me, Baby”
7. “Irresistible Bitch”
8. “Possessed”
9. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?”
10. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”
11. “International Lover”
12. “God”
13. “Computer Blue”
14. “Darling Nikki”
15. “The Beautiful Ones”
16. “When Doves Cry”
17. “I Would Die 4 U”
18. “Baby I’m a Star”
19. “Purple Rain”

Prince Night with the Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins Go Purple For “Prince Night” Ahead of “Purple Rain” Reissue June 23rd

Friday night (June 16) the Minnesota Twins played a home game against the Cleveland Indians. (The Indians won.) While it was all about baseball, it was also “Prince Night”—a tribute to the late hometown icon.

Ecstatic fans scarfed up 10,000 custom umbrellas from the Minnesota Twins that featured the iconic Purple Rain portrait of Prince on the inside. The top is purple, naturally, and features both the Prince symbol and the Twins logo.

Prince music played throughout the game, fireworks went off to the sound of Prince’s “Uptown” as the game ended, and the team wore special Prince shirts at practice. Prince’s family were there for the festivities, as well.

 You know how to do it right, Twins. Way to go!
SOURCE:  Pitchfork