Ed Sheeran’s Secret Deal With James Blunt


Who knew that the secret deal between two of the top hitmakers in music could lead to a life-long friendship?

Recently James Blunt revealed that he made a “secret deal” with Ed Sheeran. He’d teach Ed to ski in exchange for Ed teaching him songwriting lessons.

The 47-year-old singer has become “great friends” with the ‘Bad Habits’ hitmaker and gave him some help on the slopes when the 30-year-old star paid him a visit in Verbier, Switzerland.

James said: “The only ski lift I ride is the Verbier one named after me. They have given me a lifetime ski pass. Can you image!  I should install a sound system that only plays my music, to keep the queues down.”

“When I was based there, Ed Sheeran came out and we made a fair deal: he’d teach me how to write songs and I’d teach him how to ski.”

“That has led to our becoming the greatest friends. Who knew!”


Source: https://www.stltoday.com/people/james-blunt-had-deal-with-ed-sheeran/article_5711296a-8788-5e13-b7f1-50b4c006e82f.html