While media Is going NUTS about the Coronavirus, here’s what you need to know about how NOT to catch it.

The first and most important thing:  DON’T PANIC.

Just think about all those surfaces both at home and in public that you touch many times a day:  Door handles, elevator buttons, touch screens, the ATM, grocery Debit machine, the gas station touch pads… etc.

It’s then a simple process to protect yourself by following common sense steps.

MOST IMPORTANT: Wash your hands for at LEAST 30 seconds. Better yet: for a full minute.

Here’s an easy tip to know how long 30 seconds is: sing the chorus to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees to yourself. By the time you get to the end, you’re good to go.

After washing your hands, use Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer.  DON’T SKIMP!

HYDRATE – and Hydrate OFTEN!

Make SURE you Hydrate and drink PLENTY of water.

When you’re dried out, your skin dries out as well making it easier for contagious viruses to get inside your body.

By drinking plenty of water you’re helping your body be stronger to ward off infection and contagious viruses.


When you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, what do you do? Most people sneeze into your hands. Here’s a better way to go: When you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, wrap your arm up around your mouth so you sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

You’ll be sneezing into your clothing – and NOT into your hands where you then are prone to touch your eyes, nose, and other public surfaces without thinking.


You know we luv ya.. but we luv ya more by not hugging.  When you get close, contagious viral agents get even closer.

Instead of the hug, do the FIST BUMP.


Buttons and Touchpads are EVERYWHERE: The elevator…  The ATM… in Grocery and Drug Store Checkouts …. the Gas station… heck.. where aren’t they?

You NEVER can know the last time its surface was cleaned.

Case in point: Consider Amazon’s new Community Hubs in where you retrieve your parcels.  Does ANYONE clean those touch screens?  We doubt it.

Here’s what you do:  USE YOUR BENT KNUCKLE instead of your finger.  Ideally, use the bent knuckle of the middle finger  – the finger you DON’T use to rub your eyes.

Simply bend your forefinger and use that first knuckle instead of your fingertip.

Even getter: keep single use Alcohol Wet Wipes in your pocket or purse.  Before using the terminal or touch pad, wipe it down with the wet wipe.  √√√√√√

You NEVER know when it was last cleaned.. so wipe it down!


Wear disposable plastic food service gloves.  You can get these at most any drug store and some grocery stores. Put on a pair before you leave home, and take them off and toss them in the trash after you return home.

You’ll be STYLIN’ as you protect yourself against all the germs that you pick up when you touch the same surfaces where many, MANY others have touched it too.


Take a paper towel, and dampen it with rubbing alcohol.
Then use that dampened wipe to wipe down your electronics:

  • Your Mobile Phone
  • Your iPad or Note device
  • The keyboard of your computer

Do it inside the rest of your office… and at home too:

  • All door handles – on the inside and outside
  • All of your TV Remotes
  • Faucets and faucet handles
  • Kitchen countertops and the stove top.


Start a new habit of keepign Wet Wipes in your car. Get in the habit of pulling one out once you get back in the car and wipe your hands.

Follow it up with Hand sanitizer.


Just like you wipe it down at home and at the office, use your Wet Naps to wipe down surfaces in your hotel room as soon as you get inside:

  • the Telephone
  • the TV Remote
  • the touch pad of the Microwave
  • the Hair Dryer
  • the Faucet, faucet handle and commode handle

Some hotels clean it all and very well….  but how do you know?

It takes only a few minutes. Make sure by wiping it down yourself!


Take along these two key products:

  1. Mini Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer
  2. Witch Hazel Wet Naps

Use the Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer as soon as you get to your seat and use it often while aboard: after using the restroom, before and after eating too.

Witch Hazel Wet Nap are terrific for they come in convenient packs where you can pull the dampened nap out one at a time, then reseal. They are easily available on Amazon and at your drugstore.

They’re GREAT to use as a wet wipe for your face, hands and mouth. And: if you have a cut, burn or itch they are a great antiseptic.

Once seated aboard your flight pull out a couple wipes and wipe down your “area”:

  • the handle of your Seat Belt
  • metal part of your arm rest and where you plug in your headsets.
  • your seat-back tray.

Use these wet naps as Moist Towelettes to wipe down anywhere you touch things in your space.



Just use some common sense. You’re more likely to catch the FLU than the Coronavirus. That said: these simple steps can help prevent your getting EITHER ONE.

You can be smart, and STYLIN’ as you take steps to self-protect yourself against catching the Flu, the Coronavirus or for that matter any other contagious infections.