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Rick Dees shares about the rise and fall of some of our most beloved musical artists including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Selena and Tupac Shakur, including his own encounters with the stars while unearthing the dark twists and turns that resulted in their demise.

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Prince – The Man, The Mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery. We can’t help but consume them, try to dissect them and understand the story behind the mystery. But sometimes the best mysteries aren’t fiction: they’re people. Such is the case with Prince – The Man, The Mystery.

Whitney Houston – The Death Zone

Whitney Houston was destined for greatness. Despite becoming one of the greatest starts in the world, few people truly knew the real Whitney – otherwise they might have understood how she fell so far.

Tupac Shakur – The Gangster & The Poet

Musicians work hard to craft an image for their fans. When their actions conflict with who they claim to be, we’re left to wonder who they really are. This especially is the case for Tupac Shakur – gangster and poet – whose death is still a mystery to this day.

Selena – The Dark Side Of Trust

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was known to millions of fans as “Selena.” Sadly, she was murdered by an obsessive fan. Why would she let someone so dangerous into her life? How did she not see it coming? Join Rick dees as he explores the life and tragic death of Selena – “The Mexican Madonna.”

Michael Jackson – How To Murder A King

Wealthy musicians spend a ton of money to teams of business advisors, doctors, and even family to make their lives easier. Such was the case with Michael Jackson. What happens though when the very people in your life you trust the most become the problem – or in the case of Michael Jackson, the cause of death?